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Royals 👑

Says he has everything he needs
I know what his heart desires
Can’t hide it from me
kindling the fire

hard headed
intelligent but ignorant
puts the money where his mouth is
personality quite vigorous

started from the bottom
rapidly working to the top
we are similar in many ways
traveling with few stops

When beauty met the beast
she noticed the challenge first hand
she looked past his attitude
took the title and became her man

patience is a virtue
many often lack
done playing games
need a man to have my back

a taurus bull
and the leo lion
only work well together
when they avoid fighting

hes lucky you know,
having a chance with me
I am so patient
can easily be the Queen.


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The fantasy

ready to be punished
I walk out of the bathroom door
black lace lingerie
Mouthing the word “daddy” from across the room
swaying a pair of handcuffs
propped against the wall
I know what you like
where, how much
looking straight into those hazel eyes
while I finish you off
my fingers and my hands
my mouth
my body
at your disposal
your good girl
The mother of your unborn children
You fantasize about the most
Seeing your baby growing inside of me
a fetish
being nurtured
getting bigger
you visualize my figure
laying in the bed you bought me
your hand on my round little belly
my breasts, swollen
your mouth around my nipple
nursing you and the baby
wanting to alleviate the pressure
your tongue dances around my body
working down to my clit
look up to see that belly bump
the sparkle in my eyes
knowing that I’m satisfied
happy in our little fantasy
just before pulling out
You look to see the aftermath
my breaths quicken
seeing my thighs contract
eyes rolled to the back of my skull
my nails digging into your back
hearing me moan
whispering your name
begging you to keep going
to cum inside of me
contracting my pussy
making it tighter for you
the feeling of you filling me up
I smile wide
You pull out slowly
loving the sweet satisfaction
Climbing back into your bed
exchanging kisses
your hand back where it belongs
I start nibbling on your neck
whisper daddy in your ear
loving you is my purpose
creating a family is a duty
nurturing is my passion
I want nothing more than to satisfy you


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Types of.. pt. 2

Physical abuse
a young child
her father an alcoholic
left her more secure

kindergartener forgotten at school
3 hours later she started walking home
left her unimaginable courage

Verbal abuse
at the age of 7
whore and slut were her new middle names
she knew better
she grew wiser

Sexual abuse
she was in middle school
had the strength to say no
she knew she was worth more

psychological abuse
High school came around
stomach empty, head full
she learned vanity

Everything that I’ve gone through
I regret nothing
everything that I’ve seen, I knew
changed my life for the better
who I am today

Toodaloo JW

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Birthday wishes (CHEERS)

Cheers to being 21
and the freedom that comes with it
cheers to the friends I’ve made
the things i’ve done
things i’ve tried
memories made
cheers to the tears i’ve cried
the laughter
the anxiety
cheers to being young and stupid
cheers to all of my hard work
all of those learning moments
cheers to college
soon it will all be over
cheers to being young
Every second
closer to death
cheers to…..

toodaloo jw

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Abuse (venom)

Like the Venom of a snake
Toxic, unforgiving
The pain
Overpowering you slowly
Rage turns into bruises
Ignorance into scars
Living, a child,
Father behind bars
Father only during the day
At night, a monster
Our father astray
Asking why, how and for what over and over
Curious about how childhood could be
With a father sober
Looking back at all the scars
The bruises, the pain
The snake and his venom
Harmless until injected
Forming a tolerance
Stronger with every encounter
I thank my father for the venom
Not fearing the poison
The reason i’m alive
Knowing that with every mark
I would survive
Toodaloo JW

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my room smells like cat
there is dirty underwear scattered on my floor
bedsheets i haven’t washed in days
dirty clothes piled by the door

I come home to sleep
thats all i do here
I study at a cafe
its the same every year

promise myself that things will change
I will keep my room clean
who am i kidding

Toodaloo jw

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perhaps im afraid
Im afraid of the whispers
that voice in my head

The monsters, my own demons
only escape during silences
Telling me things
awful things without reason

Im afraid
afraid of being alone
in complete and utter silence,
by myself

My childhood, rather lonely
growing up among complete strangers
so many people
not a familiar face in sight

The front door opens at around 7pm
my mother enters
smile gleaming from her face

I remember looking forward to it
counting down
waiting for her to appear
to open that door

too many times have I been disappointed
the waiting game was the worst
broken promises turn to lost hope

i’m afraid
afraid of being alone
in complete and utter silence
by myself

im a thinker
i replay scenarios in my mind
not seeing the truth
in reality i am lost

Afraid, lost, confused
I see things, hear things,
things that are not there
is believing seeing
or is seeing really believing

This only happens in silence
i crave distraction at all times
i am uncomfortable being alone
i dont like it
im afraid
of myself
my own demons

I am afraid of emptiness
im afraid of feeling forgotten
I hate suspense
looking at that door to open
for hours until i realize that it never does

especially not when you’re anticipating it