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Attention whore 

Show me that you give a shit 

Come after me 

Make out with me

Drink with me

See me

Tease me

Kiss me 

Fuck me 

Love me 

…before it’s too late 

Toodaloo Jw

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Getting there…the path to the L word

Everything happens for a reason

Why do I feel like the first time we went ice skating together was 5000 years ago but also feels like we were there yesterday. Grabbing onto the railings like my life depended on it. You looking at me and smiling…admiring something. Not sure what you see, because you look at me in a way that you would gaze at your wife walking down the isle. What do I have that you admire so much?

I am scared to think about what is in store for me, for us, in the future. Scared, and nervous and excited.You bring out the best me, but also the me from high school that looks at life from a view.



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Summer 2016 Indiana Pt 1

These photos were taken by my best friend who lives in Indy. PC: BFM

Summer!!! What can I say, I wasn’t expecting to actually enjoy Indiana but I did. The gloomy weather and the rain brought me down a little bit. I am definitely not used to the humidity. This is just one of the outfits I wore in Indy. My favorite kimono/shawl from Forever21, shorts from Aeropostale (which by the way have the most incredible fit! I don’t really shop at Aero anymore but these shorts are too good to pass up!), Tan-ish/Beige boots from Charlotte Russe, and jewelry from Aldo.  Its been a while since I was able to wear shorts and a t-shirt in the pouring rain. California has me spoiled with all of the beautiful weather so you kind of forget about the rest of the world. Maybe I should start travel blogging! Any thoughts?

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20 years young

I finally hit the big two-zero, right out of my teen years and into the twenties where life is supposed to somehow become exciting and amazing. I have heard so many stories about how the best years of a person’s life begins at this age. I feel nothing but excitement and at the same time, I am curious to find out whats next. There is a surprise around every corner. My life right now is about me trying to remain content with being single. After having a one night stand with my ex-boyfriend from high school, that I recently reconnected with. I am not rushing into any more relationships for a while. It affected me in so many ways and I have realized that I have become very sensitive to the idea of intimacy with someone you barely know. The biggest turn off is when a guy is more into you, then you are him. I have also started a new job so I have a huge distraction coming my way. I know I have not posted in a while but I have decided to start writing again. I changed my major and am now looking into going into journalism. Hopefully I won’t change my mind again anytime soon.

Thats all for now,